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Lateral Rotators of the Spine
The lateral rotators of the spine consist of three muscles: 1) External Abdominal Oblique, 2) Multifidus and 3) Rotatores.  The external abdominal oblique is located on the lateral and anterior aspects of the abdomen. The multifidus muscle consists of a number of fleshy and tendinous fasciculi which fill up the groove on both sides of the spinous processes of the vertebrae from C2 down to the sacrum.  The rotatores are located only in the thoracic region of the spine, situated beneath the multifidus and total eleven on each side.  These muscles are shown in Figure 1 below:  

Rotator Muscles of the  Spine

Figure 1. The Lateral Rotators of the Spine.


The external abdominal oblique is supplied by the lower intercostal, ilio-hypo-gastric and ilio-inguinal nerves.  The multifidus is supplied by the posterior primary rami of the spinal nerves.  The rotatores is supplied by the dorsal primary rami of the spinal nerves.

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The main function of the lateral rotators of the spine is to rotate the spine from side to side.  This occurs during movements such as swinging a baseball bat, swinging a golf club, swinging a tennis racket, throwing punches while boxing or throwing a shot put and discus.  See Figure 2 below:

Use of spine rotatar muscles in baseball

Figure 2. Lateral rotation of the spine from right to left.
  Muscles involved:  L-External Abdominal Oblique, L-Multifidus and L-Rotatores.


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