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How to quickly become faster and better in any sport by conditioning the right muscles for speed.

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Running Speed Training Overview

How Can Leg Muscles be Conditioned Specifically So That You Will Sprint Faster?

The Run Faster Speed Training Exercise Program will teach you how to run faster and react quicker by training for speed the primary muscle groups involved in running. is proud to introduce The Run Faster Speed Training Program developed by Dr. Larry Van Such

How to run faster in just 14 days -  GUARANTEED!

Isometric training using the specially engineered variable resistance elastic exercise bands is the technique you will learn to develop the fast twitch muscles in your legs, thus increasing your running speed in just 14 days, 15 minutes each day. No other athletic speed training program is faster or more effective!

We realize that Isometrics has been around for years. Now after years of research and trials, we have a better understanding of how muscles and muscle fibers work together to enhance athletic performance. The run faster isometric training exercises use the latest training techniques to target the correct muscles and muscle fiber types that are responsible for speed, quickness, lateral mobility, and balance. You will sprint faster and react quicker after following the program for just 14 days.

Fast Twitch muscle fibers are the secret to speed and quickness

Fast twitch muscle fibers (also known as motor units when working together) that are rarely exercised will now be brought into use, perhaps for the first time. The result will be improved athletic performance in any sport that requires speed, quickness, balance, and power.

run faster with isometric speed training

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No Weights or Special equipment. Safe and effective for every age and fitness level.

Because of the nature of isometric exercises, and the variable resistance properties of resistance bands (the more you stretch them the greater the resistance), the techniques used in this program are appropriate for any level of athletic experience; beginner, youth, high school, college, and professional. Every age and fitness level will experience noticeable improvement in their running speed. This speed training program is safe, easy to use and highly effective.

The Run Faster Training Manual consists of 30 pages of material that shows you how to exercise the specific muscle groups used in sprinting and the fast twitch muscle fibers that produce speed, power, agility and quickness. Included in the program are the specially engineered resistance bands used for strengthening the fast twitch muscle fibers that are responsible for quick and powerful reactions.

Everything you need is included in this package. There is no other equipment needed, and all of the exercises can be performed almost anywhere and at anytime. Faithfully follow the program and you will run faster!

"I'd like to take time to really thank you for such a phenomenal program. I am experiencing immediate results from the workout. I play semi pro football and the effects that isometrics had on my speed were dramatic. I had to adjust my angles because I play safety on special teams. I got a real kick because I was hitting gears I haven't had since college. I'm looking forward to my off season training and I'm hungry to learn more. Keep up the great work."

Kenny White - CA

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How to Increase Your Muscle Speed
Why the resistance band outperforms weights for speed
Video shows how to get faster in days



Anthony Chesson is setting new records after training with Isometrics and resistance bands

Recommended by Sprinters

"The run faster program is the best training program I have had. Before I started I was having trouble getting passed 5.8 seconds in the 50 yard dash and my body felt maxed out, but now I can run a 5.4 seconds with ease in the 50 yard dash and I am not even in shape yet. In the 400 meter dash my speed really increased. Before I tried out the run faster program I struggled to get passed one minute. Now I jog 56 second 400 meter dashes. This program has been a lot of help and I think anyone who wants to be faster should give it a try!"

S.T. - Maryland

Recommended by young football players

"Well it's been a month and a half now.This is as good of a speed training program you'll ever buy in your entire lifetime. After a month and a half I have went from the eleventh fastest player on my football team to the second. I went from a 4.91 to a BLAZING 4.43! I love this program I am going to tell everybody that I can find to buy this program."

South Pittsburg, TN

"Isometric training with the help of the resistance band is perhaps the most effective speed training technique available today!"

This Running Speed Training Program gives you an immediate advantage to any athlete in every sport you play.

Listed below are a few of the sport specific advantages of the Speed Training Program.


  • Closing speed of a defensive back

  • Breakaway speed of a running back or receiver

  • Critical 1st step of a lineman exploding off the ball


  • Beating the throw to the plate
  • Running down a fly ball
  • Getting to first for an infield hit
  • Stealing a base


  • Charging the net
  • Chasing down the ball

Track and Field

  • Full out speed in all events

Paint Ball

  • Running is half the game



  • Running is the game


  • Increased anticipation skills (offense & defense)

  • Breakaway down the court



  • Beating an opponent to a loose ball

  • Out running your opponent to the goal

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How to quickly become faster and better in any sport by conditioning the right muscles for speed.
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run faster with isometric speed training

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