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How to quickly become faster and better in any sport by conditioning the right muscles for speed.

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Baseball Hitting Breakthrough!

Swing Faster, improve Hitting, increase Bat Speed and Power... in 14 days - guaranteed

Increase your bat speed by correctly conditioning your batting muscles for speed and power.

Not hitting with enough power? Can't get around on fast balls? Want to raise your batting average?

If slamming fastballs out of the park is important to you then the Swing Faster baseball training program will absolutely help you meet your baseball hitting goals. The baseball exercise drills in this program will increase your bat speed, improve your swing and add distance to your hits.

This baseball training exercise program works because it isolates and conditions the proper muscle groups and the proper muscle fiber types that are responsible for the quick and powerful reactions necessary in the baseball swing.

Think of what you could do if you could develop the perfect swing and have complete confidence at the plate, knowing your baseball swing is quick and powerful.

You may have tried different baseball drills or training aids for hitting, but until you understand what works and why and how to apply it to your baseball training program, you will not have mastered your bat swing. Now you have the tools you need for peak performance.

"I just wanted to send you an email to tell you what your program has done for my son. My son has always been an all-star player, but he is smaller than most boys his age. I bought the programs for running and swinging faster. He has been using this program and I can see an improvement in his speed. His stamina has increased. He no longer huffs and puffs after running the bases.

And his hitting is stronger. He has always been a good hitter, but could never hit it over the fence. He moved up to the 11/12 year old league that plays on a bigger field.

He just started using your program this season and has already, for the first time ever, hit the baseball over the fence. It has increased his hitting distance at least 50 or 60 feet.

Thank you so much for creating a program that is easy to use and not time consuming. I hope my comments will convince someone to buy this excellent program."
Dawn J.- Lexington,N.C.

"I recently ordered your Baseball Speed Training program. I've done the basic training and I am now on a maintenance schedule.

THIS STUFF WORKS! I play competitive softball, usually hit leadoff and my position is pitcher. I normally hit singles, doubles, and so far since completing the training I am hitting DOUBLES and TRIPLES with regularity! In fact, my only concern is holding back on my quicker batspeed (the manual discussed making this adjustment).

Excellent product! I would definitely recommend this program and re-order from your other products. Thanks!

P.S.: I also play pick-up basketball on the side. Here's an unexpected shot accuracy has also gone up (!!). But I will still get your basketball program in due course.." 
V. Brown.- Toronto, Canada

After years of research and trials by athletes and athletic training specialists we have assembled one of the most highly effective, easy to use, and least expensive training programs available today to increase your bat speed.

Properly condition your correct muscle fibers for explosive performance

The Swing Faster Training program shows you how to target the
correct muscles and the specific fast twitch muscle fibers that are critical to quick reactions, explosive speed, power, and hard hitting swings. And it does all this in a simple, easy to follow routine that anyone can do, practically anywhere and anytime.

Have you heard of Isometrics? When done properly its all about conditioning the fast twitch muscle fibers that cause the muscles to contract quickly and powerfully. This will result in you being able to swing the bat with greater speed and hit the ball harder and farther. You will see results that will surprise yourself and astonish your friends and competitors.
Whether your sport is baseball or softball, the Swing Faster exercise program uses the same principles used by top ranked athletes, without the high cost of expensive training equipment. This isometric exercise training program, utilizing the dynamic properties of resistance bands, will show you how to train your muscles for bat speed and quickness in just 14 days, using powerful 2 minute exercises, simply, safely and effectively at your convenience, practically any where and any time. It doesn't get any better than that.  

Just follow the training program detailed in the 45 page Swing Faster baseball training program, using the supplied specially engineered resistance bands and you will significantly improve your swing speed.  We guarantee results in 14 days or your money back. No questions asked.

This new revolutionary bat swing training program, allows any aspiring athlete, of any age, background or level of experience, to absolutely increase their swing speed, and perform with improved hitting and power. Coaches will be amazed, competitors will be awed, friends will want to know your secret. 

As an added bonus the program also contains a chapter that will teach you the exercises that will increase your pitching and throwing speed.

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The package contains everything you need for faster bat speed:

  • The Swing Faster baseball training manual, Developed by Dr. Larry Van Such
    • 5 chapters with instructions, photographs and drawings detailing the isometric exercises that will condition your batting muscles for speed.
    • Plus an additional chapter for throwing and pitching faster.

  • 2 Isometric Resistance Bands - 1 light (red) and 1 heavy (blue) - specially engineered for increasing bat speed by strengthening your fast twitch muscle fibers.

  • Our Letter of Introduction and other special resource materials.

  • Several Free Bonuses

Order Now and receive this revolutionary training program for just $29.95  +$4.95 SHIPPING.
Order your program now while it is still available at this price. You will not find this athletic training program offered in any store. If you are not completely satisfied, just return it for a 100% refund, no questions asked!

Swing faster and hit harder with more explosive bat speed by using the baseball training program for just minutes a day for 14 days.

The sooner you get started, the sooner you will be swinging faster and hitting harder, and the sooner you will be performing at peak levels.

What happens if you do nothing? That's right, nothing will happen. And just for a meager $34.90.

Order this program now to absolutely increase your bat speed by strengthening your fast twitch muscle fibers, perhaps for the first time.

Don't wait any longer - Get started today!

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Click Here To Get Faster In Days

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Video - Dr. Van Such explains the most effective speed training available

Isometric exercise and fast twitch muscle fibers

Why resistance bands 

Bat speed exercise for powerful hip rotation

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Quicker bat speed means more hits & home runs!


Includes a chapter with isometric exercises that will increase your pitching and throwing speed.

"The faster you can accelerate your bat through the swing motion, the further you will be able to hit the ball and the more confidence you will have."

Isometric Training, with the help of the resistance band and it’s dynamic elastic properties, is perhaps the most effective speed training technique available today!”

You benefit with the most effective low cost sport specific speed training programs available.

Dr. Van Such explains the most overlooked muscles in developing hip rotation - and shows a great exercise for developing powerful hip rotation and bat speed.




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