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Speed Training Video Series
4 Part
Video Series

How to quickly become faster and better in any sport by conditioning the right muscles for speed.

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No matter what your sport, if you to increase speed and acceleration in your athletic skills then...

Discover The Speed Training Exercises Proven To Dramatically Improve Your Sports Performance In a Matter Of Days - Not Weeks or Months

No matter What Your Sport, Age, Gender, Fitness or Skill Level – In Less Than 15 Minutes a Day.

Here's How This Proven System Works, and How You Can Put It To Work For Yourself.

By using the speed training exercises two things will happen:

1) Your fast twitch muscle fibers will be conditioned for speed properly, perhaps for the first time;


2) Your muscles memory will be programmed to execute predetermined quick and powerful contractions.

This combination of properly conditioned fast twitch muscle fibers (these are the fibers in your muscles that are responsible for muscle speed) and programmed muscle memory is the secret weapon to getting as fast as possible in your specific sports skill.

How much faster? Well, according to a research article published in Scientific American Magazine, fast twitch fibers can be up to 10 times faster than slow fibers.

Thousands of athletes and recreational players have dramatically improved their athletic performance in their favorite sports as a result of conditioning their muscles specifically for speed and acceleration.
Players of sports like football, baseball, basketball, soccer, track, lacrosse, tennis, golf, volleyball, and even martial artists have acheived amazing results in their sports skills in short periods of time - even if they were already excellent performers.

The secret to the programs' success lies in their training strategy -- isometric training with the resistance band.

Isometric training using the resistance band is a highly effective training method that forces your muscles and nerves to reform the neural networks and motor pathways, and condition fast twitch muscle fibers (and yes, even slow twitch fibers!) to increase your muscle speed as quickly as possible.

That basically means that your muscles and your nerves start working together in a more efficient way, and the fast twitch muscle fibers are now conditioned for maximum speed and acceleration.

Because your muscles are composed of different fiber types they are capable of both strength (the ability to move against heavy resistance) and speed (the ability to contract instantly). You therefore cannot condition your muscles for strength with weight training or plyometrics training (a slow twitch response) and expect them to develop blazing speed also (a fast twitch response).

If you train with elastic bands and an isometric training strategy, the way we teach it, then you have an unbeatable combination to increase the speed of contraction within your muscles and virtually leave your friends and competition in the dust.

This training strategy is important to understand, because, isometric training by itself is of no value for speed when you use weights for resistance, and elastic bands are of no value for speed if you force your muscles to perform repetitions, as in a weightlifting strategy.

This is what many coaches, trainers, and athletes have never considered and therefore it has not been taught to most athletes.

You've probably noticed that many athletes, perhaps even yourself, are disappointed in their speed gains. They just can't seem to get any faster no matter how hard they try. It's because they are actually training their muscles for strength and endurance and not for speed - even if you think you are training for speed, your muscles will always know the difference.

Elastic resistance bands with an isometric strategy is the secret and potent combination to both:

1) Develop neural networks and motor pathways necessary for the fastest speed possible, and

2) Condition fast twitch muscle fibers for blazing speed in the exact muscles and muscle groups used in an athletic skill.

Muscle speed is crucial in skills such as sprinting faster, jumping higher, throwing a baseball or football faster and farther, swinging a baseball bat, tennis racket or golf club with more speed, kicking a soccer ball harder or just about any other athletic skill.

In addition, since the resistance of an exercise band can be easily directed at any angle, the exact muscle groups can be conditioned in precisely the same way they are used in the athletic skill

Adding blazing speed and quickness to your other sports training, will give you the complete conditioning package that others have been totally missing!

Training for speed and quickness, unlike strength training, will leave you feeling light and responsive, not tired and sluggish and should not be strenuous or take much time.

Even if you are currently in mid-season you could start seeing results in your performance within days. This is due partly because fast twitch muscle fibers respond to training faster than slow twitch muscle fibers.

Not only is pure speed training fast and easy, but the results come quickly as well!

Many are getting results in just a matter of days, not weeks or months!  This is unheard of with other types of training programs, but is a common occurrence with the exercises we will teach you.  Why?  Because these are pure speed programs, and not a strength and endurance program disguised as a speed training program!

You could be the one who makes the difference in your next game or event!

Unlike strength or endurance training, speed training using resistance bands can be done just about anywhere and anytime and they are safe and effective for practically all ages (beginner, youth, high school, college or professional) and any fitness level or skill level.

We are fully aware that a complete sports training program requires a variety of drills and workouts, including strength training, cardio training, coordination, skill development, flexibility, proper technique, and fast muscle contraction speed.

It doesn’t need to be complicated - just don't confuse these types of training. Athletes sometimes think they are training for speed when their muscles are actually training for strength, and that is why they are often disappointed in their speed gains.

Our enthusiasm comes from the countless testimonials we have received of people achieving stunning improvements in their speed. They support our belief that we have a program that delivers results and it is our sincere desire that it will work for you!

Until you have used isometrics with the resistance band, the way we will teach you, you have an incredibly huge reservoir of untapped muscular energy just waiting to be released inside your body!

By doing these exercises, you can’t help but run faster, jump higher and kick farther! And the same methods will dramatically increase your performance in all your sports skills, such as:

  • Throwing faster
  • Hitting a baseball with more power
  • Jumping higher
  • Faster tennis serves, harder tennis returns, approaching the net and getting to balls quickly
  • Driving a golf ball and getting greater distance in golf shots
  • Speed and quickness in all sorts of martial arts, boxing, and wrestling moves

Currently the following programs are available from that will develop speed and acceleration within specific muscle groups like never before.

Each of these programs has a set of exercises that will noticeably improve performance in a specific sport and skill. They can be done in just a few minutes each day and results from these exercise programs can be expected in just 14 days or less.


If you are not completely satisfied, just return the program within a year (yes, that's 365 days) for a 100% refund, no questions asked! We even refund the standard shipping costs.

It's very rare that a band would ever rip or tear, however if any band rips within 90 days or has any defect, just let us know and we will send a replacement band - no charge.

Run faster and increase lateral quickness Kick harder and run faster with soccer speed training Jump higher training program

Running Speed For
Football, Track, and any other sport. 

Speed training exercises for fast running speed and quick side to side lateral movement in all athletic activities that involve running - including running a faster 40.



This program is specifically designed for soccer speed and kicking and football kickers. It includes all the RUN FASTER exercises plus the KICK FARTHER exercises.

Basketball & Volleyball


Conditions muscles for vertical leaps and jumping higher in Basketball, Volleyball, Track and all other jumping activities.

Swing faster and hit with power

Drive longer with increased club head speed

Tennis speed training program

Baseball & Softball

Swing Faster and Throw Harder

Will add distance and power to your hits by increasing of your baseball bat speed or softball swing speed. The program also includes exercises to throw and pitch faster.


Drive Longer

Drive longer and add distance to your golf shots with faster club head speed.



Specifically for tennis speed, this program increases speed of serves and volleys as well as increasing court quickness. Includes all of the exercises in the Run Faster program.

Swing faster and hit with power

Martial Arts
and Full Body Workout

Designed for Mixed Martial Arts. 28 exercises Isolate, quicken and strengthen muscles in your lower body, upper body and core. Perfect for any Martial Arts program or anyone desiring a complete full body workout.

 Yes, I want to get started right away. Each package contains everything I need to get faster and quicker in record time:

  • The Training Manual of your choice, developed by muscle speed expert Dr. Larry Van Such

    • Complete with instructions, diagrams, and photographs showing you how to perform each of the exercises. Each exercise trains for speed one of the muscle groups specific to your sports skill.

  • Other Material In The Manual:
    • Isometric Training and Muscular Contraction – What it is and why it works.
    • Why the resistance band is the ideal training device to quickly condition your muscles for speed.
    • Training instructions and tips on how to get the most from the program.
    • Illustrations showing all of the muscle groups trained in the program.
    • Weekly training schedule shows which exercises to do each day.
    • Progress charts to mark your increase in speed and performance.
    • And other tips for using the program.

  • 2 Resistance Bands: 1 light (red) and 1 heavy (blue). Specifically selected because their elastic properties are ideal for this type of training. We have tested many types of bands and some of them are not sufficiently effective for providing the elasticity your muscles need to develop greater speed.

  • Our Letter of Introduction and other special resource materials.

  • Several Free Bonuses that include downloadable speed training recordings and transcripts that explain in more detail why isometrics with the resistance band far outperforms any other training method out there when it comes to developing muscle speed – and how thousands are achieving new levels of athletic performance with this training strategy.

  • Full access to our customer support team. Email them anytime ( with any questions you have about the program or the exercises, and they will gladly and promptly give you the best answers possible. You also have available to you, if needed, the expertise of Dr. Larry Van Such, the developer of the training techniques used in this manual.

  • The Afterburner series video. The link to this free video will be emailed to you about 3 weeks after you purchase the program. There always comes a time in your training when you just can't seem to improve anymore. The Afterburner video will show you how to modify the exercises to get past these sticking points and take you to new levels of performance.

Is there any reason not to develop additional speed and quickness in your sports skills - even if you are already a top performer?

Of course not. Speed, acceleration and quickness are crucial to your athletic success; and training for speed - the way we teach it:

  • Is fast and easy - Not time consuming and strenuous.
  • Does not require special equipment.
  • Is safe and effective for all ages and fitness levels.
  • Delivers results in days.

These speed training exercises will:

  • Give you the competitive advantage to outperform others who have completely ignored this type of training.
  • Develop your skill level.
  • Help advance your athletic career; and
  • Give you greater enjoyment in your sports activities.


Get The Free MP3 Recording and Transcript

'How To Get Faster In All Your Sports Skills'

Audio Seminar by Dr. Larry Van Such

For more than 10 years Dr. Van Such has been educating and training athletes on how to develop their muscles and nervous systems to be faster and quicker than ever before.

In This Seminar Dr. Van Such Reveals:

  • Why speed training principles are misunderstood by coaches, trainers, and athletes.
  • Why muscles temporarily lose 'memory' after lifting weights (ever notice it's hard to comb your hair after lifting weights?)
  • 3 ways to tell if your 'speed' training program is really a strength program or a speed program.
  • How thousands of athletes are getting faster in days.

Listen or Download the free MP3 Recording: 'How To Get Faster In All Your Sports Skills'

Athletic Quickness speed training reviews
"I'd just like to say that the RUN FASTER speed training exercises that I did last season worked!! Initially, they helped me take a second off my best 100m and 200m times.

I was ranked second in my state and in the Southern Track Classic I broke the 200m record set by an NFL Pro-bowler.

Thank you for coming up with this program."

Anthony Chesson - Virginia
Athletic Quickness speed training reviews
"I can't believe how much it worked! I went from running the length of my park in 9.5 seconds to 8.7!
My 400m hurdles time also decreased dramatically. I can continue to be one of the top 2 hurdlers on the track team for the next 3 years."

Pete G. - NY
Speed Challenge Participant

"I have benefitted immensly from the resistance band training over the past year. My 100m sprint times have dropped from 13.50 sec to 12.14 seconds in only 6 race meets!

My 200m sprint time has dropped from 28.86 seconds to 25.48 seconds in one race! And my 400m sprint time has dropped from 1.06.00 minutes to 58.62 seconds in only two races! If these results dont scream progress I dont know what does."

C. Holm - Bendigo Victoria Australia

Athletic Quickness speed training reviews

I just wanted to say thank you for putting these training programs out there! I want to let you know I will continue to live by your training methods!"

- Maine State High School Soccer Player of the year

- United States Achievement Academy National Soccer Award

- Conference record holder for the 200m

- As a sophomore broke school's 100m, 200m, and triple jump records

Frankie D. - Bethel, Maine

Athletic Quickness speed training reviews

I was skeptical at first, as there are so many people on the internet who claim to know the correct way to improve speed through the training of fast-twitch muscles.
I am a 33 year old semi-pro football player.
Well, after trying your system for a few weeks I started to feel much quicker off the line, and I was easily beating cornerbacks who were pressing me man to man.

I had only been working with the bands for 3 weeks. I thought there was no way it would work THAT quickly.
I am a true beleiver in this system, and it is a shame that most sports trainers are not preaching it as well. There must be thousands upon thousands of athletes who could benefit immediately from this golden information.
Thank you guys from the bottom of my heart. Last week during wind sprints, I was blowing everyone away. Including guys 10 years or more younger. THIS SYSTEM ROCKS. 
Neil Knuth

"Hi. I recently purchased the Run Faster Program and may I say that it worked!

After a month on your program I dropped my 100m dash time to 14.3! That is .73 seconds faster! I couldn't believe this! In the 40 yard dash I dropped to a 5.72! that is .29 seconds faster.


My 40 yard dash time went from a 6.01 to a 5.35! With this program anything is possible. " 
Josh G. - Ft. Worth, TX

My son Sean Rosalez ordered your product and I will say at first I thought it was just some gimic.

But I can and will say I was wrong it's the best product he has worked with in building speed.

He has the fastest time in the county for 200 meters (22.00) 11th grade. We know he will be blasting low 21. In the 200 this year his practice proves it. 
Coach Rosalez - Max Speed Track Club - Davison, Michigan

Athletic Quickness speed training reviews

"This speed program is UNBELIEVABLE!

After doing the program for two weeks, I came from running a 4.65 in the 40 yard dash to 4.35 on the track with spikes. I also didn't think that I was running 40 yard dash, I thought that I was running a 30 yard dash because the results were so AMAZING.
Thank you, your program has been a blessing."
Josh Harrison - Florida

"Guys, this product has made a great difference in my sports. I was already the fastest on my team, but this blew my teammates away!

I want every athlete to know how much they can improve! I thought I was fast before I started using this stuff, but I can't believe how much faster I've gotten! " 
Christian L. - Florida

Athletic Quickness speed training reviews

"Thank you guys so much! no one in my family has been able to go to college. But with this program the University of Florida is now recruiting me for track and football! you guys have helped make my BIGGEST dream come true!! thank you so much!!!

I have tried 100's of dollars worth of speed training! at the most I had gained only .01-.05 to my forty. i have already gained .12 on my forty and .1 on my pro shuttle drill. this is amazing! I feel as if due to this program i will be the fastest and best football player in the state! 
We ran 40's today and the coaches and players were "THRILLED". I ran a 4.41 being timed by lasers! That is the fastest anyone has ever run at my school. I had a pro shuttle time of 3.9 and 3 cone drill time was 7 flat! Thank you so much."
Cody Gammon - Sevierville, Tennessee

Athletic Quickness speed training reviews

“I was really doubtful that this program would work, but when I finally tried it, it felt great. I feel so much faster. I’ve gone from an 11.9 to an 11.5 in the 100m and can’t wait to get the whole package and see how much faster I get.”
David B. – Elk Grove Village, IL
Speed Challenge Participant

The results were amazing. before your program my son ran a 5.43 40 yard dash. After just two weeks his time dropped to a BLAZING 5.00!! 
K. Jackson - Phoenix, AZ

"I recently ordered your Baseball Speed Training program.

THIS STUFF WORKS! I play competitive softball. I normally hit singles, doubles, and so far since completing the training I am hitting DOUBLES and TRIPLES with regularity!

Excellent product! I definitely recommend this program!"

V. Brown - Toronto, Canada

speed training reviews

"Well after just two weeks I gained 3 inches on my vert and have gone from one block a season to two a game, and from 2 rebounds a game to 6. I'm a shooting guard (6ft 2in, 28 years old). This the only product that works 100%. Thank you for your product actually working, thank you very much it rocks."
Steve T. - Australia

speed training reviews

"The martial artist Bruce Lee is known for being pound-for-pound one of the fastest and quickest athletes the world has ever seen. 

Through my research, I found out that isometrics were a big part of his training regimen.

As I was looking for ways to increase my own golf swing speed, I decided to implement isometrics in to my long drive training using the very same bands you can get here at
The results were phenomenal!  I increased my club head speed to 155 mph and hit an event-record 421-yard drive to win a qualifier for the Remax World Long Drive Championships."
Jaacob Bowden
Professional Golfer and Long Drive Champion

"Hi, I purchased your baseball program at the beginning of last years season. I must say that everything you said did come true. I was able to hit 5 HRs on the season, when I never have done that before. Thanks for that. You don't know how much that does for my confidence."
Orlanda M. - Chicago, IL

"I was receiving complements on my kick for it's speed, distance and the overall quality three days after starting. I have been working on the program for a month now and I have become a valuable part of my soccer team, all thanks to this program. I recommend it to anyone looking for an athletic edge in any sport."
Denise F.  - North Mankato, Minnesota

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